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Sleepzone® Collection

Sleepzone® is Sweet Dreams’ exclusive spring system, purpose-designed for comfort. With twice as many springs as traditional bonnell units, Sleepzone® is a unique revolutionary spring unit that promotes individual sleeping comfort. View our unique range of Sleepzone® beds and choose your favourite…

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  • Sleepzone® springs
  • Firm fillings
  • High loft microquilted top
  • Vertical damask border

Henrietta Memory

  • Sleepzone® springs
  • Memory foam
  • Knitted top
  • Vertical 3D border


  • Sleepzone® springs
  • Firm fillings
  • Traditionally tufted
  • Cushion-top

Meredith Latex

  • Sleepzone® springs
  • Latex to full sleeping surface
  • Tufted knitted fabric top
  • No turn

Octavia Memory

  • Sleepzone® springs
  • Memory foam
  • Microquilted
  • No turn

Saskia pillowtop

  • Sleepzone® springs
  • Traditionally tufted damask pillowtop
  • Vertical damask border
  • Multiple fillings

Tara Firm

  • Sleepzone® spring system
  • Extra Firm fillings
  • Traditionally tufted damask top
  • Cushion-top damask border