Carnival 2000 Natural

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Encapsulated mattress with c. 1,000 springs in the main section
Cushion topcontaining 1,000 mini springs for extreme comfort
Wool, silk and cashmere natural fillings
Luxury knit microquilted top
Embroidered handles
Matching microquilted border with elegant contrast tape
Border is printed with Anniversary brand

Natural Fillings
Wool: natural fibre conferring warmth and cosiness.
Silk: unparalleled smoothness and natural strength.
Cashmere: renowned for natural warmth and extra softness.

Available as 135, 150, 180cm
Mattress Only
Platform Set (inc 2Dr set)
Platform 4Dr Set (inc 2+2)
Sprung Edge Set (inc 2Dr set)
Sprung Edge 4Dr Set (inc 2+2)
Side Opening Ottoman
Front Opening Ottoman
Half Front Opening Ottoman
3 Store (Half Ottoman / Half Conti Dr)

Shown in textured velvet plum.