Princess 4000 Gel

Superior c.4,000 pocket spring count
Extra 2,000 springs in pillowtop
Breathe Gel strips in pillowtop
Tufted luxury knit top
Side stitch effect damask border
16 vents and 8 handles
No turn – rotate regularly
Mattress depth 33cm

The Royal Pillowtop Base
Lined base increased to a choice of four colours: chocolate, black, cream and gunmetal.
Castors are gold coloured on chocolate and cream, chrome coloured on black and gunmetal.

This bed is photographed with Horizon headboard

Available in three sizes: 135cm, 150cm & 180cm

Breathe Gel, a Sweet Dreams UK exclusive, features open-cell diamond shapes and is used in two head-to-toe strips within the mattress. It provides exceptional breathability through and around its individual segments and provides a comfortable, cool-fresh feel. It allows the body to benefit from the layers of fillings beneath – but reduces the build-up of heat.